Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh glorious green smoothies!

I have been keeping up pretty well with starting my day out with liquids and not having solids until lunch. Most days this has been one or two green smoothies (YUM) and then salad and soup for lunch.
Yesterday I made a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that I will post the recipe for. I then had some Organic Tomato Soup, low sodium as a snack before lunch. We've all been under the weather. Poor Little Owlet has had the worst of it. He has a cold and an ear infection. He has been coughing so bad that it made him choke and spit up. I feel so bad because he can't tell me exactly where it hurts and how to comfort him. So there has been a lot of cuddle time these past few days!

Something that is VERY important when a baby/infant/toddler is sick with a cold or flu is to keep them extra warm. This can be achieved by using warming oils, such as sesame, massaged on the body. I have been massaging Owlet with sesame oil and he loves it. He was falling asleep on the diaper changing table as I was doing it yesterday. After rubbing the oil on your baby it is obviously important to wrap them up in warm clothes. If you must take them outside, it is imperative that you put a hat on that little head! Some sources say that up to 65% of the baby's heat can be lost through their head (although I imagine that estimation is a little high). Either way, it is important to have a warm hat on their head especially during these winter months. We live in Cincinnati and our temperatures went from 75 degrees to 40 degrees in one week. It has stayed cold since then.
Another important thing to remember is that baths cause babies to lose some of their body heat so bathing them every day during a cold should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

I made Owlet a grilled "cheese" yesterday because he seemed to be wanting solid food. I made it with organic whole wheat bread because I have recently decided to try limited gluten in his diet to see if he can handle it. I also used vegan rice cheddar cheese slices and coconut butter. He devoured it with some of the organic tomato soup I was enjoying. He is one of the odd kids out because he actually enjoys the crust on bread and eats it first =]

And for that Pumpkin Pie Smoothie recipe (I know this post was titled glorious GREEN smoothies but I wanted to share this recipe and just talk about how much I've been enjoying my smoothies, green and otherwise):
1/3 cup pureed pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix, organic if possible)
1/3 cup coconut greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)
1 cup almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, etc.
1 tbsp chia seeds, soaked in the almond milk
1/2 scoop plain or vanilla plant protein powder 
Cinnamon and nutmeg, to taste. I like a lot!
Soak chia seeds in almond milk and yogurt for at least 5 minutes. Add other ingredients and blend!

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