Monday, February 4, 2013

My workout for today

I had a relaxed weekend. I went home to WV because my mom was throwing a surprise party for my baby brother on Saturday. It was a blast! It was Walking Dead themed with brain cupcakes, a zombie cake, and "bloody" cocktails. I drank of course so I'm paying for it now. Here's the workout I did today to start my week off right:

20 jumping jacks
20 side leg lifts (each side)
30 jumping jacks
40 squats
20 lunges
20 jumping jacks
20 side lunges
30 jumping jacks
20 butt kickers (each)
100 standing crunches

And stretching afterward. I've been having some issues with tight hips and hamstrings so I stretch every day trying to become more flexible and relieve some of the tension in my muscles. After a workout is the best time to stretch and gain flexibility because your muscles are "warm" and will give more.

How are you doing with your workouts and New Year's resolutions??

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