Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I have never really made resolutions that I stuck with (or even gave a good try). I'm not very good at forming new habits and breaking bad old ones. But this year I'm making some changes around here!


1. Build muscle, tone up, get in better shape (instead of the traditional weight loss resolution)

2. Get back on the Dean's List at school

3. Expand my owl collection! Here is a pic of some of the gifts I received for Christmas, I have many more owl things)
{Cookie jar, kitchen timer, and toothbrush holder}

4. Learn how to customize this blog and make it more attractive and professional looking
5. Graduate from my Dietetics program & Certified Health Coach program

6. Get certified as a personal trainer
7. Get my Beachbody coaching going and go on the cruise they are offering this year 

8. Learn how to network and market myself
9. Heal my diastasis recti 
10. Give the Little Owlet all of the love and attention he needs/wants <3
{Little Owlet racing toward 2 years old!}

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