Monday, January 21, 2013

Growing My Hair Long

People who know me in the real world, outside of the interwebs, know that I'm growing my hair out.

I had hair all the way down to my bottom when I was younger.

Then I became a snarky teenager and cut it off to my ears.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

So to all you 15 year old angsty girls out there, don't do it! Don't get a pixie cut! I know they're popular and freakin' adorable, but don't! I don't think there's a threat of this now but don't get a Lisa Rinna cut either!!! (that's what I was worse than it sounds). I saw her in a Depends ad the other day, it made me feel ancient. To think that as a teenager I modeled my looks after her and now she's in an adult diaper ad.

I looked awful.

I had no idea how to fix my hair after having long hair my entire life. Plus my hair is naturally wavy and textured which just doesn't work well with short haircuts. I also do not have the face for it. Your face needs to be symmetrical and heart shaped. Mine is oval and flawed (but in a cute, quirky way! as females, we need to remember that imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful).

Anyway, back to my hair growth dreams. My hair is currently 22 inches. So it is quite long. But I lust for longer! I want it to reach my waist. When I told my hair stylist that I was growing my hair out she looked at me like I was crazy and asked, "How much longer could you possibly want it?!"

I have a lot of hair already. And she's not very fond of blow drying it when I come in. It takes a good 30 minutes if you want it completely dry.

I will post pics as it grows (if it grows...) to show if things I'm doing are working.

Things I'm doing to help it:
Blow dry it only very occasionally
Flat iron/curling iron rarely
Wash it once a week
Use dry shampoo in between washes
Using Wen
Coconut oil hair masks weekly
Dry argan oil every day and at night before bed
Combing with a wide tooth comb
Natural detangling spray
Using an all natural heat protecting spray 
Daily scalp massage
Taking a biotin supplement
Eating more protein
Eating more fruits and veggies 
Eating more healthy fats
Drinking water by the gallon
Silk pillowcase
Loose braid at night 
No snag fabric hair ties

Things I'm doing that aren't helping at all:
I still dye it every couple of months.
With ammonia free dye!
At the salon, not out of a box!

...I still feel ashamed. 
I know that my hair will never be as healthy as it can or as long as it can be if I continue to dye it. But I love my hair red! And at least I stopped bleaching it! And I've come a long way from 6 months ago when I was not only bleaching it but also getting really choppy layers, teasing it at the crown, and straightening it religiously. Sadface.

I'll get over the hair dye addiction, eventually. But until then, I'm hoping that all the good I'm doing will outweigh my one bad hair habit =]

Does anyone have any other hair growth tips? Or homemade hair mask recipes? I'd love to hear about things that work!

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  1. I don't know much about growth but not using shampoo has made my hair better in my opinion (I just rinse and scrub with my fingers).