Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peach Ginger Green Smoothie

I have been craving smoothies recently. I think it's because my body really needs cleansing and to not eat heavy meals right now. This morning I made a delicious and healthy-although boring- Mixed Berry Smoothie.

For lunch, I made an amazing Peach Ginger Green Smoothie. If you are just starting with green smoothies, this is a great one to try because it uses spinach. Spinach is the chameleon of the greens because it blends well into almost all fruit smoothies and does not alter the taste. It simply turns the smoothie a great shade of green! It also is outstanding nutritionally, but I won't get into that now =]
I doubled the following recipe and served the other portion to my 18 month old son, the little owlet. He chugged it down as fast as he could so I know it's a hit.

Peach Ginger Green Smoothie
1 cup milk (I prefer homemade almond but storebought works well if you buy unsweetened. Coconut milk would also be divine in this smoothie)
1 banana
1 cup/handful organic spinach or baby spinach
1 cup frozen organic peaches
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tbsp plant protein powder (or more if you would like more protein packed in)
1 cube of fresh peeled ginger
Optional: Stevia for added sweetness (I did a half packet of pure Stevia leaf)
Optional: 1 tsp matcha powder
Place all ingredients in blender and blend! I prefer to put the almond milk in, any powders I'm using, then any seeds, greens, and fruit on top. Just personal preference.
Serves 1

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